Thecus NAS to Support New Seagate® 5TB HDD

With their recent 5TB breakthrough, Seagate Enterprise Capacity drives are among the highest-capacity drives available for enterprise-class purposes. This, along with offering impeccable reliability and power/performance standards, makes them ideal for business-critical, multi-drive server and storage environments - such as Thecus NAS systems.

“Reaching the milestone of 5TB hard drive capacity is tremendous news for the storage industry. Seagate’s reliability paired with Thecus’s trusted technology is an undeniable edge for enterprises in need of large pools of data in energy efficient, high performance storage.” - Florence Shih, Chairperson at Thecus Technology Corp.

Early, hands-on access to these high-capacity HDDs was made possible through Thecus’s continued, close relationship with Seagate. After many hours of hard work with multiple devices in various environments, Thecus is happy to announce that theSeagate Enterprise Capacity 3.5” 5TB HDD is confirmed compatible with the entire Thecus NAS line.

The new capacity limit is a game changer for enterprises which require a large pool of data. For example, if a 16-bay Thecus N16000PRO is fully loaded with 5TB disks, it can by itself store up to 80TB of data. Daisy Chaining technology furthermore allows you to connect an additional 4 Thecus D16000s (each with 16 bays) to a master N16000PRO. This results in a total of 400TB worth of storage capacity.

For enterprises that rely heavily on data storage, it gets even better: A total of 8 Daisy Chain arrays can be connected to each other using volume expansion technology, resulting in a phenomenal 3.125 petabytes (PB) of storage! It is estimated that the human brain can store memories amounting to nearly 2.5PB of binary data1, meaning that this entire NAS array can store 1.5 times the information found in the average person!

Brains need to work constantly, remain reliable, and deliver information as fast as possible, and these are the same requirements shared by HDDs. This new generation of Seagate Enterprise Capacity HDDs provides improved reliability and response time. And with enhanced efficiency thanks to PowerChoice™ host-selectable power options and robust performance coming from dual processors and ramp load technologies, the 35% average sustained increase of throughput over previous generations is almost palpable. The newest generation in the Seagate Enterprise Capacity series is at the peak of current cutting-edge HDD technology.

Editoral Team
Editoral Team