DSM 5.2 - DS Photo


DS Photo

Bring your photos to the big TV screen

Taking pictures to capture memorable moments, such as travel, a best friend's wedding, or interesting parties, is a part of our daily lives. With DS Photo’s support for Chromecast and DLNA-compatible devices, it’s now possible to share these moments on a big screen TV. Also, Synology’s mobile apps deliver a more flexible, customizable multimedia experience with DS audio’s new equalizer and the ability to download specific files of a torrent via DS download.


DS note

Take notes on the go

Note Station is the perfect package for you to record, collect, and organize all the important things in your life. Its companion app for mobile devices — DS note — lets you write notes, memos, information, shopping lists, and to-do lists simply with your phone or tablet. It's never been easier to take notes, record ideas, or share thoughts with others.


Synology Web Clipper

Great inspiration might be discovered when you’re browsing the web on the subway or when waiting for an appointment. With Synology Web Clipper, simply clip and save content directly to DS note for later reference. Free yourself from the storage limits of third-party providers, as all your notes are saved to your DiskStation.

Offline editing

Notes saved to your devices are always synced with Note Station. You can create and edit notes on your mobile devices even without Internet connection, allowing you to continue working offline. Once connection is resumed, your notes will be synced with other devices with Note Station.


Make multimedia notes

Thinking of a beautiful scene you would like to take a picture in the trip, or an important message you need to make a record in a meeting? In addition to text notes, DS note allows you make multimedia notes, such as taking photos or recording audios. It's easier to keep any important things on the go.

Rich editor and preview of attachments

Create and edit beautifully formatted notes and to-do lists with the rich editor. With the attachment previewer, you can easily take a glance at any file, recording, inline images, and even YouTube videos in your notes on the fly.


Share your notes

Now everyone can receive the same information effortlessly. DS note lets you share your traveling records, meeting minutes, or creative project ideas. It's easy to share them with others via an email, a shared link, or with other Note Station users.


Friendly handwriting support

If you can’t get used to typing words with the on-screen keyboard of your mobile device, DS note brings you another choice. With handwriting mode, it’s easier to write down notes by moving your fingers across the screen. You could also use a stylus to draw pictures and make notes.


Handy to-do list

DS note is perfect for those who need to manage many tasks all the time-create independent task lists, prioritize each note with colored flags, or set up due date and reminders, ensuring you won’t miss any important events.


DS video

Stream to smart TVs

What's better than sitting down and watching a favorite movie with family or friends? With support for Apple TV, DLNA TVs, Chromecast, Samsung TV, or Roku players, the DS video app allows you to easily stream the movies stored on the DiskStation to your TV, while using your phone a remote control to manage playback. Before going out or traveling, you can also pre-download videos and watch them under offline mode.


Advanced filter feature and smart collections

Find video files quickly with advanced search and filter features, and then save results as a smart collection for reference later. Also, DS video shows the watched status of each movie, allowing you to quickly filter out those you have seen already.



Sharing your videos

If you want to share memorable or interesting videos with your family or friends, DS video lets you share the collection stored on the DiskStation simply with a link.


DS audio

Play with Chromecast, Bluetooth, or Airplay speakers

DS audio allows you to use your mobile phone as a remote control to play music stored on your DiskStation using AirPlay, DLNA or Bluetooth speakers. Chromecast support on iOS and Android brings you even more sharing possibilities: when visiting friends for instance, simply connect to your Synology NAS and stream content to his Chromecast using your smartphone or tablet.



DS audio's timer lets you fall asleep with music playing but never worry about a flat battery when waking up. Select the duration of time you want to listen, and the music will automatically stop. The timer also works with remote players ─ Airplay, DLNA, and Chromecast.

Offline music

Most people create their own playlists and listen to music based on their mood. DS audio allows you to pre-download songs and entire playlists to your device and listen offline. You can even adjusts steaming quality automatically according to network conditions to guarantee smooth listening.

Editable playlists

With customizable playlists, DS audio provides a great way to play and choose music with your smartphone or tablet. Simply move songs to another playlist on the go, without ever turning on your computer.


DS photo

Share your photos the right away

With the DS photo* app, new photos taken on your smartphone can be instantly uploaded to your Synology NAS and then easily shared with families, friends, or colleagues. Best of all, you can share an album by just sending others a simple link. With the new lightbox, you can easily view and edit photo information, tags, and comments using your mobile devices.


Backup photos automatically

Photos and videos on your device can be automatically uploaded to your Photo Station using Photo Backup/Instant Upload. No worries about missing great memories, even when taking a trip.

Download photos

With DS photo, it's easy to download albums or photos to mobile devices to view photos while your Internet connection is unstable or unavailable.

Enjoy photos on your TV screen

DS photo lets you stream photos directly to Apple TV, Chromecast and popular DLNA-certified TVs, so you can enjoy your beautiful photos and memorable, holiday moments on a large-screen TV.


With the Timeline feature, you can easily view when your photos were taken -- a great way to reminisce about past times or special occasions.