DSM 5.0 - Surveillance


The safety and security of facility environments, people, and assets are essential necessities of life. Synology surveillance solutions offer all-around monitoring options for you to guarantee maximum protection and ensuing investigations. Make your surveillance investment worth the peace of mind.

All-Time Security

Surveillance Station can fulfill all levels of deployment and monitoring plans. Whether it's commercial, industrial, or residential environments, you can access the video surveillance anytime, anywhere with browsers or mobile devices.

Safeguard the most valuable

Surveillance Station gives you an easy and powerful monitoring system that best secures your house or business establishments. You can quickly set up the system, efficiently deploy IP cameras, and monitor every corner all via an intuitive and centralized management interface.

Cloud surveillance

Prepare yourself a portable surveillance system so you can always stay in control even when moving around. DS cam, the free mobile app, lets you monitor your property and assets just about anywhere in the world.

Surveillance companion

Your front desk can turn into a dedicated monitoring checkpoint in the most efficient and effective way. Synology offers light-weight VisualStation for receptionists and doorkeepers to monitor all property area. Security can be best maintained without a significant increase of overhead.

Central Management System

Synology Central Management System (CMS) is designed for multi-site and multi-server surveillance deployments. CMS provides surveillance personnel with an effective solution to monitor and manage surveillance deployment of all scales. The CMS hierarchy consists of a CMS host server who has total control over all other recording servers across different locations. IT administrators can enjoy the following benefits from CMS deployment.

Efficient management

Achieve efficient management in large-scale surveillance deployments. CMS offers centralized operation with single-point management, allowing IT administrators to shorten administration time spent of multiple NVR server configurations. Centralized management can effectively prevent any manual error generated from repetitive actions.

Flexible deployment

CMS is flexible to meet demands of retail shops, business buildings, and large shopping centers. Whether your surveillance environment is a single PC or a TV wall in a central control room, Synology's CMS solution is able to fulfill your request, even as your business grows. It’s a surveillance platform that meets long-term company objectives.

Proactive control

As your surveillance solution becomes more efficient and less time-consuming, security personnel is able to take proactive measures on property safety. Surveillance quality can be greatly improved when the staff focuses more on monitoring and other value-added tasks.

Extensive Integration Possibilities

As your monitoring plan changes and expands, Surveillance Station can flexibly and efficiently cater to your requirements. You can always find seamless integration for your surveillance environment.

Extensive camera support ONVIF Profile S certified
Choose from over 2,700 IP cameras from 75 brands, including PTZ and cloud cameras. In-depth integration with selected vendors allows more customization for specific projects Having acquired ONVIF Profile S certification, Surveillance Station offers tight interoperability with extensive range of IP cameras that also follows this standard. System integrators and IT staff benefits from an easier selection process when planning surveillance deployment.
Edge recording Fisheye and multi-lens cameras
The advent of edge storage technology realizes uninterrupted storage and expands the deployment possibilities of IP cameras even further. With edge recording enabled, videos will continue to be recorded in a camera's on-board SD card when the connection is down. Retrievals to the server can be scheduled to begin whenever full service resumes. Multi-channel support for fisheye and multi-lens cameras presents an efficient and cost-effective solution to system administrator. By deploying only one camera, you can still minimize blind spots and enjoy a wide panoramic view. In-camera dewarping even extends this benefit to users monitoring with Synology VisualStation or mobile devices.

Recommended NAS models

VS240HD (Required) DS1513+ DS1813+ DS2413+ RS2414RP+
VS240HD DS1513+ DS1813+ DS2413+ RS2414RP+