DSM 5.2 - Cloud & Productivity


Cloud & Productivity

The majority of people now switch between multiple devices every day, resulting in a dramatic increase in the popularity of cloud storage. Sometimes our entire productive life - working reports, notes, references - relies on the cloud, meaning we need a cost-efficient, high-capacity yet absolutely private cloud solution more than ever. Synology offers all of these, and more.

Cloud Station

Syncing across all your devices

Computers, smartphones, and tablets - Cloud Station syncs data between all the devices you might possibly own. As soon as you save a change, it automatically updates the copies on the other devices. This allows you to move between home and work, desktop and mobile, all while seamlessly working on the same file. Even if you edit files offline, modifications are still synced when you re-connect to the Internet. To send something to anyone, simply create a sharing link for a file or a whole folder.


File versioning

Cloud Station retains up to 32 versions of file history by default, allowing you to restore a file back to a previous point in time or recover documents that were accidentally deleted. If you regularly sync large, but less important multimedia files, simply set a lower number of versions for individual shared folders to save storage space.

Selective sync

Handpick individual folders that you want to sync to different devices, manually or automatically based on file format and size. Sync only small but critical files to your phone, work-in-progress documents to a PC, and all the large sales and marketing materials to DiskStations in the branch offices.


People used to think twice before storing confidential data in the cloud, private or public. Fortunately, folders synced by Cloud Station can be encrypted on DSM - no one will be able to access its content without your private key.

Windows ACL support

Extensive collaboration requires the ability to specify detailed access rights. Fine-tune users' read, write, and administration permissions to individual files using Windows ACL, and the files will be synced to users’ PCs and mobile devices just the way you want it.

Syncing between DiskStations

For multi-site companies, two-way sync between NAS servers is an ideal way to share large, unwieldy files. Even when your staff have gone home, Cloud Station continues to sync with paired NAS servers and devices in offices abroad with utmost reliability.

Syncing logs

When different people collaborate on the same files, it’s important to keep track of who edits, deletes, or restores which file from which device. Cloud Station's logs make this possible.


Cloud Sync

To the best of both worlds

Connecting private and public clouds ensures you can always draw on the benefits of popular cloud providers, and yet keep everything perfectly synced and under control in your personal hardware. The Cloud Sync package lets you link your NAS with public cloud services, including Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Amazon S3, and many more




Keep everything tidy by syncing only the files and folders you want, or use the one-way sync feature to only copy files from your DiskStation to the cloud, or vice versa. Set up bandwidth limits so the syncing process does not interfere with your normal Internet usage. And review logs to see what has been downloaded or deleted.


Sometimes your colleagues might prefer to collaborate with a common public cloud account. Sync its content to your NAS so that you don't need to install another piece of software. Open a document on your Synology NAS, edit it, and others will instantly see the changes from the public cloud!

Redundancy and Encryption

Cloud Sync is a simple and inexpensive way to back up critical data off-site, so files stay safe even when the unexpected occurs. With options to encrypt data before sending to public cloud services, there’s no need to worry about sensitive information being leaked or stolen.