DSM 5.2 - Data Backup


Data Backup

Data loss is a real danger, no matter what storage device you use. Important files - like your wedding photos or critical work documents - deserve a great backup strategy to protect against unexpected hardware failure, natural disasters, or simple accidental deletion. Let DSM help with robust and flexible backup solutions.


Desktop Backup

For PC, Mac, and external devices

With customizable and expandable storage space, Synology NAS is a perfect choice for backing up any device, whether it's a Windows computer, Mac, or external storage device.

For Windows

Back up everything on your Windows computer - photos, music, documents - directly to Synology NAS using Cloud Station or other backup apps.

For Mac

DSM includes no-hassle Time Machine support, allowing Mac OS X users to easily backup and recover their files.

For external devices

For those with many files saved on external hard drives, simply back up everything directly to your Synology NAS via USB cable.*

*Available on specific models only


Backup & Replication

Powerful tools for all environments

To safeguard critical data against unexpected accidents, it's always a good idea to back up your Synology NAS to another device or off-site location. Synology’s Backup & Replication includes powerful tools to back up directly to other Synology devices or rsync compatible servers.



Back up to remote servers

Easily back up data to another DiskStation in the same building or located on another continent. This is handy for consolidating data spread across different offices.

Schedulable backup tasks

The best backup strategy requires the least effort. You can schedule backup tasks to run automatically at a specific time, or repeat according to a desired schedule.

Encryption and compression

Enable optional, 256-bit AES encryption and compression to protect data and increase efficiency when backing up data to another server.

Configuration backup

You can back up system configurations, like user accounts, shared folders, file sharing, and other settings. When the time comes for large-scale hardware migration, simply restore the backed up system configurations to your new machine.

Shared folder sync

Synchronize selected shared folders between two DiskStations, so you'll have duplicate copies of files on both servers. Modifications are automatically synchronized whenever modified.


Quickly browse and restore single files

Take advantage of multi-version backup and get the ability to restore files from a previous point in time, while minimizing storage consumption by saving only data blocks that are changed between versions. If you accidentally overwrite or delete an important document, simply browse through previous versions with the timeline and restore exactly the file you want.



iSCSI LUN Backup

Enhanced management in virtualized environments

Hard disks are frequently partitioned into iSCSI LUNs for virtual machines to access, facilitating management and administration of the whole network infrastructure. You can back up files, operation systems, and applications stored on a LUN, just like any DiskStation folder, locally or remotely - without additional costs or purchases.


Schedulable LUN snapshots

The fastest and most efficient way to back up virtual machines hosted on Synology NAS just got even better. Now iSCSI LUN snapshots can be scheduled to automatically run at preset times, letting you create a snapshot every day or every hour and restore your entire system to any point in time with a few clicks.


iSCSI LUN retention policy

Snapshots are critical for recovery purposes, but they tend to consume a lot of space over time on the primary data volume. With the new retention policy, it's possible to precisely fine-tune the snapshots strategy and smartly prune the old ones to keep only the most relevant snapshots archived.