DSM 5.2 - Note Station


Note Station

The important and the trivial, in one place yet everywhere

People keep all kinds of things in their notebooks: diaries, class notes, clippings, or travel itineraries. Some are too important or private to be placed on a third-party app of which you have no control. With Note Station, you can write, edit, and sync all your precious ideas with maximum security across all devices.

Clip the best of the web into your pocket notebook

Read something interesting on the web? Synology Web Clipper (a Chrome extension) lets you clip the page in one click and add tags or comments, all in the same window. And it works on mobile browsers, too. So even when the page is removed afterwards, you still have a copy on Note Station. Keeping all web clippings in one place also enables you to quickly locate the content you want with search keywords.

A simple to-do list, a powerful task management system

Feeling overwhelmed by all the little tasks at home or work? Organize your life with Note Station's handy to-do list. Set the priority and due date of each task, or choose to be reminded at a specific date and time, so you never forget an important task again. With support for both desktop browsers and mobile devices, simply take your to-do list anywhere.

Import from Evernote, export to another DiskStation

For long-time Evernote users wishing to migrate to Note Station, simply import all your Evernote notebooks to your DiskStation and continue to record new ideas in your private cloud! Notes can also be easily exported and then imported to another DiskStation.