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We provide services we would want to see when we buy. We hope we have given you the correct reasons to buy from us.

1 We Love Storage
We eat, sleep, play, learn and talk storage, we are passionate about storage, and we love what we do, this is companywide. Why would you want to buy form anywhere else?
2 Great service is everything
We’re famous for fast and friendly customer service. We work hard to make sure we live up to that reputation every day. SEE WHAT OUR CUSTOMERS HAVE TO SAY.
3 Plain English is king
Acronyms, fancy words, lingo, and sensationalism have no home at eAegis Storage. We will communicate with clarity and with the highest integrity at all time, we shall tell you as is, in the most candid and respectful way we possibly can. NO ifs or Buts.
4 Our customers are our investors
Our customers fund our daily operations by paying for our products. We answer to them — not investors, the stock market, or a board of directors.
5 Simplicity is in the Basics
We’ll never overlook what really matters: The basics. Great service, ease of use, honest pricing, and respect for our customer’s time, money, and trust.
6 No Price Gouging – just great prices
We believe everyone is entitled to the best price we can offer. Our prices are published, no hidden extras or inflated prices, all on our site no matter who you are. We will provide the right price for the services and products we offer. At times when the industry faces shortages, we will step up and ensure our prices are the best possible around, no price gouging as many do in dire circumstances.
7 Products sold are all NEW
Our products are all new from our receipt to configuration, testing and preparation of shipping, you will receive exactly what you have ordered no alternatives or changes, even down to the last spare screw, you will get everything that is listed on the manufacturers list and more, configured, tested and itemized with serial numbers for your convenience.
8 Research and Development
We do carry out extensive research and development from a product consistency, reliability, compatibility as well as quality is continually carried out on products we carry. This form of testing also takes place before we take on a product, so as to ensure what we recommend our customers to buy does meet with our minimum standards of product quality. In many instances we provide the manufacturers with a list of hard disk drives that we have tested in house and passed our tests for compatibility for them to list on their site. Check out our product reviews as these share the vital features and usability of the systems.
9 Due Care and Consideration
When you buy from us, we treat your purchase as though we are buying for ourselves, and hence we treat your sale as ours personally. So, we take care in the preparation stage through to packaging and shipping. As a matter of fact all our products shipped are double packed to eliminate possible shipping damage and to enable our customers to receive their order well packaged and in good condition. We also supply a printed sheet detailing a comprehensive list of all parts installed with relevant serial numbers for you records retention.
10 48Hrs Burn Testing
As a licensed holder of the trademark and invention rights for deploying the proprietary 48Hrs Burn Testing procedure, eAegis Storage lays claim to the single most decisive factor of buying a NAS. Buying a system pre-loaded with drives and without a minimum of 48hrs burn testing may mean you may have purchased a lemon, it may not be immediately evident but, eventually the mistake will hurt and it may be an expensive one. Testing of hard drives once raided in a system represents the most important aspect for testing compatibility, measuring performance and ensuring reliability in any given configured system. Quality Assurance for us takes many forms one that allows us to check internally as well as what is supplied by the manufacturer as well as ensuring what we are about to ship also is of merchantable quality.
11 Proactive with Adaptive Ideas
Purchasing a Network Storage solution cannot be compared to buying a standalone PC or MAC. The intricate nature of analyzing which NAS to buy will have a major impact in the way you have elected to protect your data. Compatibility, Quality and Reliability are the most critical factors that will impact the most when analyzing the success of the selected storage solution. At eAegis Storage we totally embrace and empathize with your dilemma and our expertise in both pre and post sales will ensure your success rate is as close to zero failure rate as possible. eAegis Storage is uniquely positioned to be the storage vendor of choice.
12 48Hrs Swap-Out
Our signature 48Hrs Swap-Out service provides the ultimate in appreciating our customers need to reduce downtime and keep continuity at the highest level. We carry out a like for like swap-out at failure point for any NAS we have provided for the first 12 months. This is an extended service allowing our customers the opportunity to exercise their option at the time of purchase. A unique service otherwise not offered by any competing Network Storage service provider.
13 Knowledge driven Expertise
The single most significant reason why we are successful and will continue to thrive in this market segmentation is due to our ability to help find solutions for our customer’s storage ills. We are all hands on in our business with very little or no red tape, simply as an organization that is led by the passion of wanting to help our potential customers when they contact us for help, we are unique in our model.
14 Ahead of the Curve
More often than not we are very much cognizant of the immediate future trends that are to transpire within our storage sector. The relationship we share with our leading partners is unique to us and as we work closely with them to share ideas and future visions, hence we tend to be very close to the pulse of developments and stay ahead of the curve.

eAegis should be your natural choice of storage vendor.