Enterprise Customers


eAegis is a global market leaders in delivering value-for-money powerful performance storage systems, subsystems and data protection solutions with a focus on Network Attached Storage.

Our key distinctive advantages and differentiation include specialization, product knowledge, technical expertise, quality products and competitive pricing. As a leading systems integrator with over 20 years of experience, eAegis, Inc has a flexible and diverse family of data storage products, which provides high availability, and reliability, peak performance and the robust management tools required for data-intensive applications.

Our corporate customers include Fortune 500 corporations, governmental agencies, educational establishments, financial services firms, healthcare providers, media and entertainment companies and IT consultants.

eAegis Advantage for SMB/Corporations

We offers discounts to SMB and Corporate customers. Once you create your account, we will verify your classification, assign your discount pricing and activate the discount on your account. Then, when you log in and browse products, you will see your discounted price instead of retail.

How can your Corporation benefit from eAegis?

As a leading ecommerce system integrator of custom systems in the United States, eAegis, Inc provides businesses of all sizes with innovative storage solutions with high performance and reliability as minimum standard. Our storage solutions feature open architecture, best-of-breed components, high power efficiency, and a comprehensive manufacturer warranty to exponentially increase Return on Investment for our corporate customers' IT infrastructures.

eAegis leverages open architecture approaches to configuring storage solutions. Our products feature best-of breed components for improved performance, are compatible with industry standards and provide flexible and provide scalable solutions for our corporate customers.

We offer storage solutions that utilize the latest high efficiency and quality power supplies, processors, hard disks, and memory to reduce power consumption and heat output. Our solutions feature AC and DC power options for optimal large-scale deployment environments.

eAegis storage solutions are turn-key for rapid and seamless deployment in corporate environments. We integrate our systems to your exact hardware specifications and meticulously burn-in each product, install custom software and operating system packages, and ship fully functional and ready to use storage solutions.

Additional storage systems can change the dynamics in any corporate IT environment, eAegis, Inc open architecture integration service, expertise, support, and manufacturer warranty services provide the necessary comfort to help mitigate complexities.

How do I place an order?

You can place an order with eAegis, Inc in any of the following ways:

On-line: Anytime 24/7 using our SSL secure server and shopping cart (recommended for speed and accuracy).

By Mail: This service is only applicable to customers placing Purchase Orders with Account status.

By Fax: This service is available to customers that have an account status with us and order using Purchase Orders. If you prefer to place an order by fax, please proceed through the shopping cart process until you reach the payment page. Choose the Order by Fax option, then print out the FAX Order Form using your browser's print function, add your signature, and fax it to us at 1-407-951-8938.

By Purchase Order: Universities, other educational institutions, corporations and government agencies can order using valid Purchase Orders. Corporations must have good credit rating and complete a credit application.

Feedback and input from all our customers is valued and welcomed. eAegis, Inc strongly believes that customers come first and is committed to working tirelessly and diligently towards providing its customers with predictive buying solutions that ensure protection of their valuable data investments. View what our customers have to say about eAegis, Inc.