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Nimbus Data Systems, Inc. develops award-winning Sustainable Storage® systems, the most intelligent, efficient and fault-tolerant solid state storage platform engineered for server and desktop virtualization, databases, HPC, and next-generation cloud infrastructure. Combining low-latency flash memory hardware, comprehensive data management and protection software, and highly-scalable multiprotocol storage features, Nimbus systems deliver dramatically greater performance at a significantly lower operating cost than conventional disk-based primary storage arrays, all at a comparable acquisition cost.

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Why All-Flash?

All-star Performance. Green Efficiency. Superior Reliability.

Over the past decade, while the rest of IT infrastructure has improved exponentially in performance, storage has been virtually stagnant, increasing in capacity but not in performance. The table below shows how CPU, DRAM, network, and bus performance have outpaced storage by 16 to 400 times. To have kept pace, hard drives would need to spin at 6 million rpm today. Instead, storage is now the prime bottleneck in datacenters.

Excessive Operating Costs of Disks

At the same time, power, cooling, rackspace, and datacenter maintenance costs have reached record levels. According to Gartner, storage consumes 37% of overall datacenter power. Organizations face relentless data growth without the facilities or operating budget to support them. Despite achievements in areal density, disk storage remains based on power-hungry, hot, large and comparatively unreliable technology.

Hybrids and Tiers Are Inadequate Band-Aids

Caching and primary storage tiering have emerged as possible solutions to these challenges, but these approaches have significant drawbacks.
  Strengths Weaknesses
▪   Accelerates reads and sometimes writes


▪   Helps only if data happens to be in cache
▪   Small cache (usually less than 10% of storage capacity) means cache hits are rare
▪   Inconsistent performance (cache misses are 100x slowers than cache hits)
▪   No reduction in power consumption
▪   No cooling or rackspace savings
▪   No improvement in reliability or rebuild times under hard drive failure conditions
▪   Moves data between SSD, 15K and 10K rpm disk


▪   Complex IO right-sizing required to determine the (supposedly) ideal blend of SSD, fast HDD, and slow HDD
▪   Data is constantly in motion, increasing power consumption and hardware wear
▪   Data location may not be clear when there is a failure during tiering action
▪   Recipe for vendor lock-in, since all storage tiers must be procured from the same vendor
▪   Non-automated solutions require manual effort, complicating administration
▪   Insignificant gains in power or rack efficiency

Enter Nimbus Data All-Flash Systems

Nimbus Data believes that all-flash is the destiny of primary storage and that all customers deserve access to this incredibly powerful technology. With the Gemini all-flash array, organizations can skip the Band-Aid and go straight to the ideal solution -- a storage platform based entirely in flash -- affordability and without feature compromises.
▪   Delivers consistent and predictable high performance by eliminating rotational latency, dramatically accelerating both random and sequential workloads.
▪   Consumes one-fifth the power of disk arrays of the same capacity, cutting operating costs while enabling greener, denser, and longer-life datacenters.
▪   Eliminates sensitive moving parts, minimizing the risk of mechanical or environmentally-induced failures to improve application availability.
▪   Provides complete storage software for unified SAN, NAS, and DAS, end-to-end data protection, and efficient capacity management in one elegant solution.

Gemini All-Flash Arrays

Nimbus Data General Info

The Gold Standard in All-Flash Storage Systems

The Gemini F400 and F600 all-flash arrays break new ground as the first arrays to utilize 1x nanometer MLC flash, directly challenging hybrid HDD/SSD arrays on cost-per-gigabyte for server virtualization and VDI while delivering the superior reliability, consistent performance, and lower operating costs of all-flash storage. The Gemini F400 and F600 also set new performance records, deliver 2-5x greater IOps and lower latency than competing offerings, extending Nimbus Data’s market leadership in low-latency applications like databases, analytics, and OLTP.

The Foundation for Business Critical Applications

Server and desktop virtualization, databases, big data analytics, cloud computing, and next-generation technical applications demand high-performance, ultra-efficient data access that only all-flash technology can provide. Unlike hybrid or tiered systems, Nimbus Data's Gemini all-flash arrays deliver consistent low-latency, superior reliability, unmatched throughput, and dramatically lower data center costs. With the patent-pending Parallel Memory Architecture and Distributed Cache Architecture, Gemini arrays outperform commodity server-based storage systems by up to 5x in IOps, 40x in latency, 6x in bandwidth, and 10x in rack density.

Comprehensive Software and Exceptional Support

Powered by the proven HALO operating system, Gemini all-flash arrays support SAN, NAS, and DAS deployments utilizing Fibre Channel, Ethernet, and Infiniband connectivity. Features include deduplication, snapshots, thin-provisioning, and the industry's best available warranty. With complete high-availability and exceptional worldwide support, Gemini arrays support mission-critical applications across all markets, including high-technology, Internet infrastructure, financial services, education, healthcare, manufacturing, and government.

Enter Nimbus Data All-Flash Systems

Nimbus Data believes that all-flash is the destiny of primary storage and that all customers deserve access to this incredibly powerful technology. With the Gemini all-flash array, organizations can skip the Band-Aid and go straight to the ideal solution -- a storage platform based entirely in flash -- affordability and without feature compromises.


  • 100% flash memory for unrivaled performance
  • Industry's best efficiency and lowest operating costs
  • High availability with no single-point-of-failure
  • FC, iSCSI, NFS, SRP, IPoIB, RDMA, and SMB protocols
  • Patent-pending architecture and flash management
  • Ethernet, Fibre Channel and Infiniband connectivity
  • Complete data protection and optimization software
  • Hot-swap everything with live expansion/upgrades


  • Performance: Up to 2 million 4K IOps
  • Throughput: Up to 12 GBps (12,288 MBps)
  • Latency: As low as 0.05 ms (50 µsec)
  • Efficiency: As low as 8 W per raw TB
  • Scalability: From 3 to 48 TB raw (2 - 385 TB usable)
  • Density: Up to 24 TB raw per U (1 PB per rack)
  • License: All-inclusive HALO software
  • Reliability: Up to 10 year end-to-end warranty

HALO Operating System

Comprehensive Software for All-Flash Storage

At the heart of Nimbus Data's all-flash systems is storage software engineered over seven years and proven at hundreds of customer sites. Nimbus Data's HALO operating system is a comprehensive software suite that provides administration, protection, data reduction, security, and monitoring of Nimbus all-flash systems, delivering the intelligent storage management essential for mission-critical primary storage. Purpose-built for flash memory, HALO's ultra-scalable file system ensures absolute data integrity, maximizes endurance, and multiplies usable capacity, reducing total cost of ownership and supporting ever-changing deployment and capacity requirements.

Halo Chart

Unified SAN and NAS

HALO provides unified iSCSI, Fibre Channel, Infiniband, NFS, and CIFS support for block and file storage in one system. No need to deploy separate NAS and SAN systems; Nimbus provides multiprotocol storage in a single easy-to-use platform, minimizing hardware costs and simplifying storage management. Capacity can be added transparently while in operation, essential for 24 x 7 x 365 nonstop environments.

Applications and Hypervisors

HALO seamlessly integrates with major hypervisors, like VMware, Citrix, and Microsoft Hyper-V, as well as virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) using XenDesktop, VMware View, and more. Critical business applications like Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Exchange, and SharePoint run better than ever with Nimbus Data's combination of fast flash hardware and intelligent software.

Data Reduction Maximizes Capacity

Selectable inline deduplication and compression strips out duplicate data in real-time, reducing the amount of actual storage capacity needed by up to 90% in server and desktop virtualization environments and certain database workloads. With thin provisioning, storage capacity is allocated on-the-fly to maximize efficiency.

Cloud Ready

With the increased deployment of private and public clouds, automation of the storage infrastructure is essential. HALO provides a full-featured REST API and integration with major cloud management platforms, perfect for large enterprises looking to deliver storage as a utility with minimal effort.

Automatic Data Integrity

The HALO file system does not require file system checks -- it is self-defending and self-healing. Today's nonstop environments do not have time to unmount file systems for time-consuming fsck operations. Automatic checksums eliminate silent corruption and ensure that in the event of a flash failure, data synchronization will succeed.

Snapshots and Replication

The powerful snapshot feature creates mountable, point-in-time images of production volumes without impacting performance. Snapshots can be scheduled, and policies can be set to retire them automatically over time. Synchronous and asynchronous replication provide disaster recovery.

Analytics and Reporting

Over 200 health and performance metrics are tracked. All data is stored in a database accessible via the REST API. Alternatively, customers can use the built-in charting tools in HALO Web to view real-time and historical statistics. Administrators can create custom dashboards to track critical metrics and configure phone-home with email and SNMP notification.

All-inclusive Software License

Unlike competing products, HALO includes all features in one license, reducing software licensing costs and budgeting complexity. Intuitive yet powerful management tools ensure rapid deployment of Nimbus Data all-flash systems with minimal ongoing maintenance or administration. HALO's management features appeal to both large-scale and midsize users, featuring cloud integration, a scriptable CLI, an elegant Web interface, automatic configuration wizards, and monitoring apps for mobile devices.