Our Partners

QNAP Systems, Inc. is the "Quality Network Appliance Provider" and we pledged to become the world's leading Network Attached Storage (NAS) and Network Video Recorder (NVR) solution provider.
Synology has been delivering award-winning NAS devices to small business and home users since early 2000. Synology is a network attached storage company, with all R&D focused solely on delivering the best in class network attached storage devices with forward-thinking features at an affordable price.
At Thecus, we take pride in developing innovative storage solutions that keep data safe and secure. Founded in 2004, the Thecus team brings decades of R&D expertise, Thecus brand marketing channel development, and a strong customer focus to deliver high-quality products that meet the storage needs of individual, small/medium business and enterprise.



Opportunity Only Knocks Once

Doing business with us

eAegis Storage is very selective when choosing our suppliers and dealers. We must both totally support eAegis core values: integrity, quality, commitment, and innovation. If this is the way you define your business – your work ethics – then you may benefit from a relationship with eAegis as a dealer, supplier, or manufacturer of computer storage products.

Strengthen service offerings

We continually strengthen and expand our range of service offerings across the entire value chain and Business Units. To ensure the long-term success of our business partners, we constantly deliver more value-added solutions that give them a competitive advantage.

Increase operational efficiency

We continuously improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our processes. The quality of our services is based on best practices and standards throughout our entire organization. An efficient supply chain as well as leveraged synergies across all our Business Units and countries allows us to fulfill the diverse requirements of the industries and communities we serve.

A reliable strategic business partner

Our strategy for growth results in a broad range of services and solutions that are tailored to the unique needs of our clients and customers. Relying on our core competencies provides the following benefits:

  • A financially stable and dependable partner who can reliably safeguard your business interests
  • A global network of experts and the ability to adapt to the businesses we serve in any local market
  • A comprehensive package of services along the entire value chain – tailored to your needs
  • Services and infrastructure from a single source, meaning lower cost, enhanced transparency, and greater accountability
  • A partner who proactively works in clients’ and customers’ interests, possessing the expertise to provide strategic advice and on-the-ground logistics to "make things happen"


Join us at eAegis – email – purchase [at] eaegis.com

Warning: We have provided this email for genuine companies that wish to do business with us, and not for bombarding us with irrelevant emails, or for use within a mailing.