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Many of our customers that require a computer storage solution are unsure on which platform and what approach to adopt for the highest Return on their Investment (ROI). As such, we offer FREE telephone advice on all data storage products. One of our key competitive advantages and unique differences is that we are specialists in data storage and thus have extensive product knowledge and technical expertise. If you require a cost effective storage solution that is of top quality and provides high reliability and performance, please contacts us.


Post sale support is FREE even though most questions are eliminated due to the following:

  • eAegis offers a 48 hour burn-in test service at no extra charge for all pre-installed storage appliances. This 48 hour burn-in test service was introduced by eAegis, as an industry first, in June 2005 and still remains unique.
  • Unlike competitors who drop-ship, eAegis units are delivered to our warehouse in Florida, QA’d and then tested for 48 hours using a proprietary in-house utility specifically designed for RAID based appliances.
  • A final comprehensive QA is carried out, prior to shipping. Our Total Quality Management (TQM) process eliminates faults, and provides the end user with an out of the box experience of being able to setup the unit within minutes with little or no fuss.
  • All our storage units and hard drives are brand new and carry manufacturer warranties. Additionally, eAegis customers enjoy Priority Manufacturer Technical Support Status!

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