QTS 4 - File Management


Double Your Productivity for Daily File Management

QNAP NAS is the ultimate file center for storing digital assets both at work and at home. Backed by productivity-boosting tools for file organization, sharing, collaboration and management, everyday tasks are greatly simplified.

File Management

Simplified file organization with QfilingSimplified file organization with Qfiling

When using QNAP NAS as a central file center, being able to efficiently organize files is a fundamental principle for managing and using files. But when faced with a huge number of files spread though multiple folders, it becomes increasingly harder, more time consuming, and frustrating to categorize and archive them. With Qfiling organizing files is now automated and efficient. 
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System requirements: Qsirch must be installed before using Qfiling. Supports x86-based NAS with at least 2GB RAM.

  • Categorize and file

    Qfiling offers categories like images, videos, music, and documents. After setting up Qfiling, the files in selected folders will be automatically archived into folders based on these categories.

  • Schedule and results

    You can set filing schedules by hour, day, week, or month. The system will automatically process the filing task in the background.

  • Flexible file transfer

    Qfiling not only works on local NAS but also across external storage devices and remote NAS units. Only selected categories will be backed up/moved to the destination.

[Tip] When used with VJBOD, you can flexibly enlarge NAS storage capacity by using the unused storage of other QNAP NAS without worrying about running out of storage space when transferring files from multiple devices via Qfiling.

Qsync, multi-device file sync made easyQsync, multi-device file sync made easy

With an improved user interface and enhanced performance, Qsync provides multiple ways of file synchronization and group file sharing across devices to greatly enhance the flexibility of teamwork and collaboration.  
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Qsync, multi-device file sync made easy
  • Faster file syncing

    The new team folder structure greatly improves stability and synchronization speed.

  • Auto-recovery

    If issues occur during file sync, the system will detect it and attempt to automatically recover errors to prevent crashes.

  • Pack & Upload

    Qsync can pack up multiple small files into one, making syncing small files up to 3 times faster than before.

Experience greater flexibility from File StationExperience greater flexibility from File Station

The web-based File Station enables you to easily upload, download, and manage files on your QNAP NAS wherever there is an internet connection. You can centrally manage files not just on your NAS but also on public and other cloud services. Discover how its new design and features provide a better and seamless experience.

Experience greater flexibility from File Station
  • Integration with cloud services

    Directly browse and transfer files between your NAS and public cloud services. Supports Google Drive™, Dropbox®, Microsoft® OneDrive®, Box®, Yandex® Disk and Amazon® Drive - and QTS 4.3.3 adds support for Microsoft® OneDrive® for Business and HiDrive®.

  • Mounting a remote NAS

    You can directly mount shared folders from a remote NAS on a local NAS using FTP and CIFS/SMB for easier file access and management.