QTS 4 - Notes Station

Notes Station icon

A handy notepad on your private cloud

QNAP Notes Station enables you to create digital notebooks on the private cloud provided by the Turbo NAS. You can also easily leverage the rich files, photos, music and video collection stored on the Turbo NAS to enrich your notes. With the Notes Station, your digital memos are safely kept for instant access.

Take full control over your private notes

The Notes Station preserves your notes on the private cloud provided by the Turbo NAS. All your notes are under your full control with maximum privacy.

Effortless note-taking

The Notes Station provides a straightforward interface for note taking. You can easily insert all kinds of files stored on the Turbo NAS as part of your notes or as attachment to enhance the content. The Media Library of QTS 4.1 provides multimedia file preview to help quickly find the correct files to insert. Even better, the Notes Station Clipper for Chrome extension allows you to flexibly grab online content making note-taking absolutely easy.

Rich in content, organized in layout

The Notes Station provides a rich-content web editor for you to easily edit texts the way you like. You can also direcly edit images in your browser with the inbuilt ImgEdit online editor. The notes are presented in a well classified layout and with the to-do list and calendar gadgets, it’s quick to find the information you want.

Easy collaboration and sharing

The Notes Station provides flexible privilege settings to help build an environment that you can work together with friends and colleagues. You can also publish the notes on social networking sites quickly to reach more viewers.

Access and edit notes anywhere and anytime

The web-based Notes Station is accessible from multiple platforms including Windows®, Android™ and iOS® devices. You can conveniently access and edit your digital notes on your computers, mobile phones or tablet devices at anytime, anywhere.

Take meeting minutes more efficiently

The Notes Station provides several meeting minute templates for you to utilize. Thanks to the large storage capacity and security of Turbo NAS, it’s especially advantageous for archiving confidential business materials. With Notes Station you can stay worry-free and count on the secure space of your private cloud.



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