QTS 4 - Photo Station


Photo Station 5.3Photo Station 5.3

Archive and recollect visual memories

Photo Station with the new map view mode and advanced permissions meets your management and privacy needs. You can also enjoy photos with selected music, and easily share with friends and family.

  • Intelligent Album
    Select criteria (such as shooting time, file path, color labels) to create intelligent albums with photos that match your settings.
  • Map View Mode
    Use geo-tagging and Google Maps to retrace your steps to where photos were taken.
  • Smart Sharing
    Sharing photos is more convenient with the new sharing cart. You can also directly share photos with people by giving them photos links (with optional permission options and expiration dates), or upload photos to social networks and photo sites, such as Flickr™ and Picasa™.
  • Disable Right Click CopyDisable Right Click Copy

    Photo Station allows you to remove the right-click copy function and highly secures your photos.

  • Disable Right Click CopySupports the exFAT File System

    The exFAT file system used by SDX cards is now supported*. After setting up the driver, exFAT devices can be accessed by connecting them to a USB port.

    *A license is required in order to use the exFAT driver. Please visit license.qnap.com.


Enjoy and share the photos on your QNAP NAS anytime and anywhere.

Supports iOS®, Android™ and Windows® mobile devices.