QTS 4 - Photo Station


Photo Station

The Photo Station introduces new features to take your photo experience further. You can easily create a personal photo wall, create photo albums by drag-n-drop, collect photos by dates or tags, mark your journal history on Google Maps, and invite friends to enjoy photos with their Facebook account. Now, you can focus on taking as many photos as you want and trust your precious collections to the Turbo NAS!

Personalized photo
wall on log-in screen

Personalize your QTS 4.1 log-in page with your public photo collection from the Photo Station. You can share your favorite photos publicly to the photo wall on the login page, so every time when you log on your Turbo NAS, you will start with happy memories from your photo collection.

Convenient virtual albums

Freely drag and drop photos from your photo gallery to arrange various virtual albums. These virtual albums are convenient for you to enjoy photos in an organized way and make them easier to share. Feel free to create as many virtual albums as possible as they don’t take up additional storage space.

Smart photo albums

You can create smart albums of photos by your predefined criteria such as dates and tags. The smart photo albums automatically collect photos with the same dates or tags. It’s easier and more fun to browse through memories and organized photos. For example, show the photos taken on this day in history, and make an album for your anniversary that collects each anniversary moments in years.

Retrace the steps of
your photos on
Google Maps

In your photo albums, you can use the geo-tagging function to pinpoint the location of the photo on Google Maps to identify where the photos were taken. In each photo album, you can review the history of your photos on Google Maps to rediscover your path around the world.

Log on with
Facebook account

You can bind with social networking sites for your friends to log into the Photo Station and browse shared albums. It allows friends to access shared photo albums with their Facebook account. Sharing photo albums with Facebook friends has never been easier.