QTS 4 - Signage Station


Creatively present your animated content

The Signage Station is a free app for the Turbo NAS. With the designing software iArtist Lite you can easily create content for a wide range of presentation, such as an animated resume to impress the interviewers, or a life memory book that is able to be shared on Facebook. Shop owners can choose from rich designing widgets to create menu boards, advertising posters, or business profiles by themselves, and easily display the eye-catching works on tablet devices to attract more customers!

All the designed content can be easily uploaded to the Turbo NAS through the Signage Station, and displayed on the web browsers. Your creativity can now travel around the world!

Signage Station provides rich applications

Business profile
Want to have a cool profile presentation for your shop or business? Use the Signage Station to design a dynamic business profile embellished with appealing videos and music. Your customers will always remember you!
  Menu boards
For shops with frequent product renewal, a timely updated menu board will help provide better customer experience. The Signage Station provides numerous professional templates for various business types. You can revise published content anytime, and update it immediately. It is incredibly simple and convenient.
  Animated advertisement
No more boring printed posters. The Signage Station invigorates your advertisement to attract more people!
Personal animated resume
As a freshman, how to stand out among the crowded job hunting market? The Signage Station is a great tool to give life to your resume. Creatively present your backgrounds and accomplishments with rich media content!
  Life sharing
Now you have a fun way to share life moments. The Signage Station lets you organize photos and videos with widgets like marquee and background music, and show them through mobile phones and tablet devices. You can even share them on Facebook.
  Memory books
The beautiful wedding day, the unforgettable moments when your babies were born and raised. The Signage Station provides creative options for you to edit and record each life event.

iArtist Lite provides drag-and-drop user interface that allows you to flexibly embed videos, marquees, pictures, and PowerPoint slides on the canvas panel. With the layer-concept playlist and timeline features, you can freely arrange the order of media objects. Moreover, iArtist Lite offers numerous templates for various business types and scenarios, saving you lots of time and effort. Useful widgets such as audio, clock, RSS are available to add to the designed content.

With iArtist Lite, you can save designed contents as different projects, and upload to multiple Turbo NAS with the Signage Station installed. Whenever you want to revise the content, just open iArtist Lite to update and publish instantly. You can fully control all the content in a timely way.

Turbo NAS with the Signage Station is your ideal tool to present creativity. You can use a web browser to view the designed contents. When on the go, you can even show business profile, business cards or product catalogs on smart phones or tablet devices, and share on Facebook easily.

The original design contents can be saved in local computer or the Turbo NAS with the help of the connection wizard. Contents saved on the Turbo NAS are accessible for all authorized users. It helps increase work efficiency in projects involving multiple members.

Live view Signage Station content works

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