QTS 4 - Productivity


Intelligent Work, Infinite Potential

QTS 4.3.3 is driven by intelligent technologies that automate routine tasks and boosts system efficiency - allowing you to focus all your productivity on your projects. What’s more, you can start your Internet-of-Things applications with a single click.


Notes Station 3.0Notes Station 3.0

A universal notepad for all your ideas

Whenever inspiration strikes, you can easily note down your thoughts and ideas in Notes Station. With the ability to access and edit notes from any device, Notes Station also allows you to share ideas and collaborate with other people - allowing your inspiration to spark the creativity of others.
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  • Intuitive interface with three layers to enhance the user experience.

  • Collaboration function allows greater teamwork with other NAS users.

  • Conveniently edit text and images for notes.

  • Safeguard your private notes with password protection and encryption.

  • Easily share your notes via share links or by using social networks.

  • Snapshot is supported for saving multiple versions to recover to previous versions if necessary.

Notes Station 3.0


Take notes anytime and anywhere and save them to your QNAP NAS.

Supports iOS® and Android™ mobile devices.


Manage all your email accounts via NAS

QmailAgent is an online email agent for managing multiple email accounts from a single interface. You can read and write emails via QmailAgent, and centrally save attachments to the NAS. Share links also make it easy to share large files even if they exceed attachment size limits.
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  • Browse emails stored on the QNAP NAS and directly open backed-up emails in File Station.
  • Attachments are automatically saved to a specified folder on the NAS for convenient filing and future access needs.
  • If you are sending an attachment that exceeds the size limit, a "SmartShare" link will be automatically created in the email, allowing you to send attachments without worrying about size limits.


Check multiple email accounts and send emails using your QNAP NAS via your mobile device.

Supports iOS® and Android™ mobile devices.


Secure contacts manager on a private cloud

Qcontactz helps to centrally and efficiently manage a growing contacts list from multiple devices and platforms. You can also integrate Qcontactz with CRM/ERP to build a better base for your networking and interactions.
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  • Easily add contacts by importing from multiple Google® accounts or by using CSV or vCard 3.0 files.

  • Simplify the management of a huge number of contacts.

  • Benefit from easy integration with QmailAgent and third-party applications.

Mobile App

Import and sync your contacts between your phones and NAS to have all of your contacts close to hand.

Supports iOS® and Android™ mobile devices.

exFAT CompatibilityexFAT Compatibility

Compared to the conventional FAT32 file system and its 4GB single file limit, the exFAT file system is optimized for fast and high-capacity flash memory such as SD cards and USB devices. QTS 4.3.3 supports the exFAT file system (requires purchase of a license) allowing you to directly access and edit files stored on exFAT-based storage using your NAS.
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Max. File Size:16EB
Optimized for 4K video transfer